Chapter News

Officer Nominations for July 2022 – July 2023

We are pleased to announce that the following members have been nominated for the upcoming term that runs between July 2022 – July 2023.

President – Jeff Kirkwood, CSP

Vice President – David Hughes, CSP, EMT-P

Treasurer – William Colbert (Colby) Ankeney, CSP

Secretary – Scott Lapier

Awards and Honors Chair – Forrest Richardson, CSP, ARM

Communications and Social Media Chair – Andre Lamas

Membership Chair – Maria Martinez

Meeting Coordination Chair – Karen McClenny

Historian – Don Drake

Job PostingsOpen

Government Relations – Hank Austin

Community Outreach – Damon Shodrock

Student Services – Matthew Herron

Delegate – Stan Gregory, CSP

Delegate – Zachary Northcutt, CSP, CIT

Nominations – Teresa English, CSP

Professional Development Chair – Larry Peterson, CSP

If there is a position that you would like to run for, please reach out to no later than January  21, 2022. We look forward in serving you all and helping you achieve your personal and professional goals!

Thank you 2020/21 team!

Wow, what a year!

We started off the year deep into COVID and did our best to keep safety information and meetings flowing.  In addition to COVID and additional workloads caused by COVID, many of us experienced family member loses during the year.  It was just amazing to watch our “ASSP Family” step up to the plate and fill in for one another throughout the year.

Being an “old guy”, I can honestly tell you that in our lifetimes we end up having “multiple” families.  We have our home family, our work family (where we spend most of our work-life time), and for us lucky ones we have our “Safety Family – our ASSP family”!  Over the many years I have been associated with ASSP I have found that “safety professionals” have the largest hearts and are always willing to step up to the plate when others are in need.  It is that caring heart that makes each of you a very special person and as a group makes us fantastic family.

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A Big Thank YOU!!

A big thank you for the following officers during my tenure as your chapter President. We could not have done it without them!. Most are moving up, per our chapter plan. If you are interested in volunteering, we still need a social media person, as well as 2 of our officers are or will be deployed soon. Please contact myself of Larry Peterson if you wish to help support your chapter!!

Thank you to everyone below:  2019-2020 officers

Larry Peterson VP, Zach Northcutt, Secretary, Damon Shodrock, Treasurer, Jeff Kirkwood Membership Chair, Hank Austin: Government Affairs, Paul English (Historian) Matthew Herron, Student Services, Brian Weatherly, Leadership Development/Recognition Chair, Karen McClenny, Meeting Coordiation Chair.

And presenting your 2020-2021 officers!

Larry Peterson-President, Zach Northcutt,-VP, Paul English-Secretary, Damon Shodrock- Treasurer, Teresa English/Stan Gregory-Delegates, Brian Weatherly-Membership Chair, Jeff Kirkwood- Communications / Social Media Chair, Hank Austin- Government Relations, Don Drake – Historian, Matthew Herron- Student Services (Area 3 Director) Karen McClenny- Meeting Coordination Chair, Forrest Richardson- Awards and Honors Chair.

Thank you all again for everything you do~!


The Next Generation of Safety Professionals!

Congratulations to our own Matthew Herron for being chosen as the first group of Next Generation of Safety Professionals!  Matthew will attend all conferences, and be placed in a 1 year leadership program, where he will attend conferences, board meetings, as they build for a strong future in Safety and Society Leadership!.

Thanks Matt, you make us proud at the South Texas Chapter and Region III.

Teresa English (2019-2020 President)

Led the South Texas ASSP Chapter to Platinum! Way to go!!! Thank you for your all your hard work and leadership!