Mentoring Program

ASSP South Texas Chapter has instituted a Mentoring Program as a service to its members and prospective members. This allows current members a way to give back to the safety community and share their experience with up and coming safety professionals. Additionally, it allows those looking to network and seek counsel from experienced professionals a way to achieve their goals.

The Mentor Program seeks to help any member who would like to talk to a seasoned professional about specific safety topics, leadership and management tips, or career development advice in general. The Mentor Program is designed to provide newer or transitioning members of the South Texas Chapter with opportunities to benefit from the insights and lessons learned of more experienced safety professionals.

The South Texas Chapter Mentoring Program strives to be a mutually beneficial, interactive relationship between two people in which one person (the mentor) provides perspective, coaching and support relative to the personal and professional development of the other (the mentee.) The program is open to all active and student members of South Texas Chapter who want to improve their network, share and gain industry knowledge, as well as develop new skills.

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If you have any questions about the South Texas Chapter Mentor Program, please contact Damon Shodrock at

Objectives of the Mentoring Program
  • To allow participating members the ability to share ideas, experiences and information about technical and administrative aspects of the safety profession.
  • To share resources that have proven to be a positive influence as a safety professional gains experience and knowledge in their field.
  • To allow veteran safety professionals an opportunity to share their experience and influence future leaders of the South Texas Chapter.
  • To assist those mentees who are willing to learn and open to hearing other experiences, viewpoints, and judgments.
Guidelines for Setting Up the Mentor/Mentee Connection
  • The Mentoring Program Committee is composed of the Membership Chair, Treasurer, and Vice President.
  • A list of mentors will be solicited annually from the membership body of the South Texas Chapter. This list will be organized by the Membership Chair, and mentors and mentees will be teamed based on a review by the Mentoring Program Committee.
  • The Mentoring Program Committee will periodically solicit feedback from mentors and mentees to assure the program is operating as intended and to evaluate the need for changes when necessary. This will allow participants to share their views on the overall experience and suggestions for improvements to the program.
  • Each mentor can choose to work with one or more candidates simultaneously, according to their own desires and schedule availability.
  • Candidates to be mentored will be able to apply for the program at any time by submitting an application via the South Texas Chapter website.
  • A mentor will be assigned by the Mentoring Program Committee based on availability.
  • All information from the application process and that exchanged between the mentor and mentee will be held in strict confidence.
  • It will be up to the mentor and mentee to set up regular times to meet according to their convenience and schedules. It is expected that the mentor will reach out to set up the first meeting.
  • Frequency and duration of these meetings should be agreed upon by the mentor and mentee during their first meeting.
  • Meetings can be in person, on the phone, or via email. It is suggested that the first meeting and occasional subsequent meetings be held in person.
  • The duration of the mentor/mentee connection is determined by the participants.